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Travel and accommodation

The summer school will take place in Alghero, at the Faculty of Architecture (Asilo Sella, Lungomare Garibaldi).

Where: Alghero
Alghero is a real town, rich in history and inserted in an environmental context of great quality. The old town, at the end of the twin gulfs of Alghero and Porto Conte, with the towers and city walls is from Aragonese period. Alghero, or l’Alguer in the Catalan language, is an island within an island also from a linguistic point of view. It is a place of many cultures, Catalan and Sardinian first of all, but also of Ferrara and Istria in the nearby village of Fertilia and in the post-war reclamation settlements.


Thanks to the near Airport of Fertilia (10 minutes by car from the centre) Alghero is linked to several European destinations (London, Paris-Beauvais, Brussels, Liverpool, Barcelona-Girona, Madrid, Hamburg-Lübeck, Bremen, Franckfurt-Hahn, Dublin, Oslo, Stockholm). Alghero is also linked with many Italian cities such as Ancona, Bologna, Genoa, Milan, Bergamo, Pisa, Turin, Venice and Rome. During summer many other destinations are available.

You can reach Alghero byother sardinian airports: Olbia (about 1 hours and 15 minutes by car) and Cagliari (about 2 hours and half by car (public transportation are not so easy); or by boat: Porto Torres (30 minutes by car), Olbia and Cagliari.

It's possible to book a hotel in the centre of Alghero near the School, with a special agreement: single room will be 50 euros per night per person, double 40 euros per person, triple 35 euros per person, and quadruple 30 euros per person. A set of different opportunities are available for lunch or dinner at convenient prices.

Travel and accommodation will be at the applicant expenses.

The registration fee includes two social dinners and the opportunity to resort to hotels, restaurants and pubs that have an agreement with us.

A list of agreed hotels is available here.

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Alghero airport in Fertilia: the official web site - a map
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About Alghero: the town, the landscape, the culture;
Alghero news: Alguer.it, Algheronotizie.it

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