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THE SOCIAL SELF. Summer School in Neuroscience and Philosophy of Mind
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THE SOCIAL SELF. Summer School in Neuroscience and Philosophy of Mind
20th > 27th September 2009 Alghero

A one-week interdisciplinary summer school on the contemporary research on philosophical and psychological models as well as neural mechanisms underlying the sense of the Self shaped through the intersubjective experience. This summer school is meant to bring major figures in philosophy, psychology and neuroscience together with younger scholars, graduate students, and postdocs to discuss the social roots of the Self. Research presentations, discussions, and tutorial sessions will allow researchers and students to share knowledge and interact.

Salvatore Maria Aglioti, UniversitÓ La Sapienza - Roma
JosÚ L. Bermudez, University of Washington
Greg Currie, University of Nottingham
Shaun Gallagher, University of Central Florida
Vittorio Gallese, University of Parma
Jessica Hobson, UCL - London
Peter Hobson, UCL - London
Matteo Mameli, King's College - London
Andrew Meltzoff, University of Washington
Georg Northoff, University of Ottawa
Vasudevi Reddy, Portsmouth University
Natalie Sebanz, Radboud University
Barry Smith, Institute of Philosophy,University of London
Kim Sterelny, Victoria University - Wellington
Rebecca Williamson, University of Washington


Here you can find the program of the School.

How to reach Alghero. The landscape, the culture; services and other information.

Dowload the poster of the summer school: scuola neuroscienze


The school is organized by
Prof. Fabio Bacchini, University of Sassari
Prof. Vittorio Gallese, University of Parma
Dr. Ludovica Lorusso, PhD University of Sassari
Prof. Corrado Sinigaglia, University of Milan
Prof. Silvano Tagliagambe, University of Sassari


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